Thoughts on this walk-on/skit idea?

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#1 li-la-lucifer on 5 years ago

Hey there! I've actually been crazy enough to sign myself up for the cosplay contest at the HobbitCon4. :mfg: This would be my first ever contest and I'm not sure about my plan. I am going as the dragon Smaug,I've got a pretty pompous dress for that and so I thought I might do a funny performance about being vain and fab. (note on that: I know comedy skits aren't that well liked,especially if they have 'inside jokes',but since it's the HobbitCon I can assume everyone will know what I'm going on about and also most competitors will do dramatic performances because the characters just are!)
Anyway I've planned to mix the background music as Smaug's famous "I am fire I am death" line and then put "I am fab-fab-fabulous" after that and then some catchy dancy mood music (like 'Shake It Off' or smth) and just prance a little while walking on stage. We only have 30 secs to move on stage and my cosplay doesn't allow that much movement. I overslept the contest last year and filming unfortunately wasn't allowed so I don't know for sure if you're supposed to do a proper skit or literally just walk across the stage once, but from the one video that was uploaded anyway I've seen that the guy literally just stormed onto the stage,swung his sword like the epic motherfluffer that he was,and then exited. So I've not planned much action to happen when I mess around onstage.
What do you think? And do you maybe have some tips for a newbie? Thanks in advance!

#2 Emmejo on 4 years ago

You might want to check with the convention about whether they are looking for scripted skits. The 30 second limit is pretty common for walk-ons. Most of the "walk-on" shows I've seen are like you described. The cosplayer walks out, throws a few poses for the cameras and audience, and then walks back. Usually there is no dialogue and some places don't allow for custom music during the walk-on portions because they are so short.

I agree that at a LOTR con it is not too much of an in-joke, and I think your concept would be very fun! You mentioned that you don't have great mobility in this gown, so I would practice the poses you want to do and have a friend or use a timer to photograph them so you can see how well they stand out. Depending on the size of the venue, you need to really exaggerate your poses so the audience can see them clearly. Instead of relying on being able to do cosplay-typical poses in your Smaug dress, you might want to look at runway pictures from fashion shows that have heavy, complex outfits to see how the models are posing and moving.

#3 li-la-lucifer on 4 years ago

Thank you for the quick reply!
I'm indeed planning to ask them wheter they want just a few simple poses or a scripted skit because I remembered I need to mail them anyway as they still need some pictures + the music.

Also thanks for that great advice about the poses from models in complicated gowns,that will definitely help me a lot for choosing some killer poses :D