Fanime main Marriott hotel, 2 spots available for roommates

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#1 klmedia on 4 years ago

April 8 update: All spots taken. Thanks. Have a good time at Fanime!

We're coming back to Fanime!!!

Our group has room for 2 more roommates at the main Marriott hotel. This is prime location, connected to the convention center, very convenient!!! Either guys or girls are OK, most of us are mid-20's, and enjoy cosplaying. We're clean, responsible, easy to get along with, and like to have a good time at conventions.

Check-in on Thurs., May 26, Check-out on Tues., May 31, total of 5 nights.

--- Room price ---
We have a room booked with two double-beds.

Our room rates are cheaper than the discounted Fanime price. However, we don't cram the room like sardines. We like to give everyone some personal space to relax. If you like to cosplay, you'll have space to put your stuff.

Simple common-sense rules:
- Be responsible and respect other people's things / costumes, and don't steal
- Be clean hygienic, shower, NO SMOKING in the room
- We don't mind if you stay up late, or drink lightly
- Don't bring a shiton of strangers back into the room for a room party (we're not sticklers if you bring a friend in to chill out)

--- Contact ---
If you're interested, feel free to email me at: [email][email protected][/email]
give a brief info about yourself or Facebook link (I don't need an essay, lol)
(Don't send me a PM on Coscom - notifications don't work properly and messages get delayed)

Thanks. See you at Fanime :)