Willing to pay for a legit black panther costume.

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#1 Daniels0628 on 3 years ago

Is there anyone on this forum that is really good at making costumes.... I am looking for a black panther costume, willing to pay for great quality.

#2 kandell on 3 years ago

A Black Panther suit is a bit out of my league, but you could look into some of the really well-known commissioners.




That's all I can find for now. Another option would be to go into the commissioner review forum and see if you can find a recent project with a good review, and go from there. Be VERY careful, though. This project will need a decently large budget, and you don't want to get scammed. Make sure you look into reviews from every commissioner you consider. If a commissioner asks you to send money via PayPal as "friends and family", don't do it. A lot of scammers will request this, because it limits your options of getting your money back if they don't follow through on making your commission. Not all commissioners that do this are scammers, but unless you know the person or they are highly recommended, it's a bad sign.

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