A few questions about face/body painting

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#1 Nimphy on 3 years ago

Greetings, everyone! I know, I know, there are plenty of threads on the topic already, but since I had a few doubts even after reading a LOT of guides, I just thought I'd ask directly.

So, situation: [U]I'd like to cosplay one of the Homestuck trolls[/U], who, as you all know, are all grey. My skin is not grey. I assume I'll need to paint. The convention would be [U]Lucca Comics[/U], at the end of October/beginning of November, so I have plenty of time to prepare and even do some trial/error for learning purposes.

So, this is my first time doing this, in case it wasn't clear. (Well, doing painting. I have cosplayed a few times before)

- I've mainly heard about [U]water-activated[/U] paints, they seem to be the preferred option, but pretty much every guide notes that they don't hold too long or in open conventions, which is a bit of a problem, seeing as Lucca is an [U]outdoor[/U] convention and I'll be there [U]all day[/U]. Does anyone have personal experience with this kind of convention? Did you use water-activated paints and if so, how did you get them to hold? Did you use another kind?

- [U]How much[/U] would be enough for, say, face and neck? I gather for arms and hands armsocks are a better solution, yes? I see a lot of containers and numbers that are quite foreign to me :/

- [U]Tips in general[/U] for maintenance, what brand to use (maybe noting I live in Italy, if anyone knows something local), "no kid don't do that that's a bad idea"s?

If anyone actually responds, [U]thank you kindly[/U] ^^"

#2 NostalgiaShmltz on 3 years ago

I don't have any experience with wearing face paint at conventions, but I've tried a few types of it at home.

Water-based stuff, yes, this stuff will come right off with sweat. It won't drip off unless you're sweating a lot, but if your face is moist from sweat, it will come right off against even the slightest touch.

Alcohol-based paint is waterproof, but tends to be more expensive, and is harder to get off. Instead of water, you use alcohol to get it off of your skin. The stuff is heavily water/sweat proof. Like seriously, I showered with this stuff on my face, and scrubbed at my face with my hands for a whole minute, and there was still tons of it left all over my face. This stuff is hardcore waterproof.

The brands people usually suggest for water-based are FAB, Snazaroo, and Ben Nye. All of these can be purchased online. I personally would go with FAB.

For alcohol-based, I've only tried ProAiir DIPS.

As for how much you need, you really don't need a whole lot to cover your face. A single normal-sized cake of water-based face paint will let you cover your face at least 15-20 times, but I haven't tested how many exactly. Probably a lot more.

For water-based paints, you can use "sealers" like Ben Nye Final Seal. It won't make the paint waterproof, but it will help make it a little more resistant to smudging and smearing.

Honestly, if you're brand new to face painting (like I was, not too long ago), just look up guides on YouTube. There are plenty of detailed guides on it. It's honestly a lot less complex than it seems. For starting out, just get some water-based paint and experiment with it. It's exactly like watercolor painting: You just get the brush wet, swirl it around on the patch of color, then paint it on your face. Simple.

#3 skippingrecord on 3 years ago

^^^ Agreed.

Also, since you'll be at an outdoors convention, layering might do you some good!! Basically just set your makeup between each layer (with both a powder and a spray, to be safe) and keep adding layers until you feel like that's enough. You may be safe with four layers, but that part's up to you!

Make sure to bring your sealer to the convention with you, because you'll be needing to set yourself every now and then.

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