Tales of Gathering 2017?

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#1 Jar'kai on 1 year ago

Hi everyone,

Anyone else planning on cosplaying from the Tales of series? There's a couple gatherings for Zestiria, but I didn't see any for general Tales games. If we hosted one, would people be interested? :D

My group is cosplaying from Tales of Berseria!

#2 Vincent-Roth on 1 year ago

I asked about that too, but I believe its only Zestria. I'd definitely be interested in other Tales series including Berseria since its the latest one. Please keep me updated.

#3 ablob on 1 year ago

I put in a request for Day 1 from 2pm to 3pm!

#4 jtorres2716 on 1 year ago

We'll be taking my Bienfu gijinka and Magilou Japon dlc cosplays!