How to make good audio?

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#1 kidcore on 4 years ago

hi all!

i'm stressing out for a contest i'm partaking in july. i need audio and plan on cosplaying both forms of plantera from terraria. the first form is the bulb with the regular jungle music, then second form is the boss battle music.

i have no idea how to edit audio, or make it. the problem is i have no access to a computer. i only have an ipad otl

i'm still figuring what to actually do on stage since it's a performance.

i'm just
overwhelmed because this is my biggest costume and con

#2 WildSpice on 4 years ago

Hey there! You can probably download an app to record audio on your iPad, but you will need a mic to get better quality audio versus the onboard mic.
I'm not really sure how you'd be able to mix the audio without a computer. Audacity is a great, free program you can use for mixing recording and background music/music.

I hope this helps a bit!

#3 Slapthefatcat on 3 years ago

Have you considered the library, especially if you are a school? Almost all libraries offer computers for use during the time of your visit and often schools (and some regular libraries) offer A/V software and equipment as well. I know a local college even lets you check out some of the equipment outside of the library. Just be sure you have a flash drive or external hard drive for your own files and possibly even back them up to the cloud.