How to find photographers interested in my cosplays

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#1 Cloud0095 on 3 years ago

I am a cosplayer from Australia who has now been cosplaying for close to five years. I do have another account on here, but don't have enough confidence to associate these comments with my name because of things that have happened in the past.

For quite some time, I have been unable to find any photographer who is remotely interested in my cosplays - both at as well as away from conventions. While it isn't the main reason I cosplay (to have photoshoots), I do feel a major sense of self achievement in photos of my cosplays being taken - also having something that I can look back on and know that I achieved something with my cosplay.

I've posted in major cosplay groups and tried going through my friends and haven't been able to find any photogs interested. The closest I've came is convincing a friend to travel a few hours to use my camera for a photoshoot (or briefly at a con).

But having no photogs interested does hurt. I have been recieving treatment for anxiety and depression for about a year now - and while I have been improving, not having photographers interested in my cosplay and how it impacts upon me still gets discussed quite often.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips that may help me find a interested photographer? - I feel I've done everything I can and still can't find one. I've also just finished a cosplay that I'm particularly proud of which id like to get photos of.

#2 brucer007 on 3 years ago

I would recommend having some form of images of your cosplays to show potential photographers, even if it is you photographing yourself in a mirror. I sometimes set my camera on a tripod, set the 10 second delay self-timer, and strike a pose. Then, you should have a better chance at playing the "numbers game", as you can be pro-active to post requests looking for photographers to volunteer.

I tend to ask Cosplayers at conventions based what I like, and on what inspires me. I am not there to just photograph whoever I see there. I am selective. I like action characters, who fight. I also love armor. There are other photographers who are fine with photographing nearly anybody.

If you have some images you can upload here, or can provide a link for us to see them elsewhere, I think it's a step in the right direction.

#3 nathancarter on 3 years ago

Offer payment.

#4 brucer007 on 3 years ago

Yes indeed. I totally agree with Nathan. Hiring a photographer is also an option to give you more power in getting a photo shoot to happen, and even tailor, if you have some visions of your own.

Look at some sample of Cosplay Photographers' work, so you can get an idea of their style, range, and skill level.

Get something clear in writing that is signed, that expresses the terms of what you can expect, since verbal words can get lost in translation, or interpretation. Get an approximate estimate of how long it could take to get the finished images, or even a specific deadline. You can even write it, if the photographer is in agreement with it.

If you are going to pay in advance, I recommend you don't pay more than half upfront.

#5 Laikrios on 3 years ago

As someone who was previously in the same situation, I totally understand how you feel!
Of course, offering payment it one of the best ways to assure that you'll have a photographer, and then have pictures afterwards, but if you're looking for more of the 'spontaneous on the con floor' situations, there's still some good ways!

1. Find some good, natural light and stand under it - being in a place with good light just kinda hints that you want and are ready to be photographed.
2. Have on of your friends just start taking pictures of you, usually, people will flock towards you so they can have a picture of their own.
3. Ask a photographer!! If a photographer isn't currently doing a shoot, go up to them and ask if they have a moment to snap a couple of pictures of you. It's always worth the try!

I hope this helps!!

#6 monodistortion on 3 years ago

1. Get involved with a group cosplay. A photographer may not know your character but they may recognize the series your group is from so they may want to shoot with the group. Groups also tend to attract more attention at cons.

2. Go to cosplay gatherings and meet more cosplayers and meet more photographers! Here in LA there seems to be another con every month or two and cosplay gatherings almost every month too.

3. I don't know how it is where you live in Australia but cosplay is very popular now in the US. All the cons I've been to are swarming with cosplayers and they have dedicated rooms with backdrops for cosplay photos. The smaller cons have volunteer photographers that take photos of anyone that wants photos and then they're posted online at a later date. If your cons don't have anything like that maybe you can suggest it?

#7 DanArt on 3 years ago

peoplw like me need pictures for portfoli

just make sure to let people know what your into

you want me to help find one?