Megacon 2015: Photos/Videos/Con Reports/Etc. Thread!

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#1 NeoGC on 4 years ago

(As the convention is nearly over and there are still the 2014 threads stickied, with no word of a 2015 series of threads, I am taking the liberty of making them. Mods, if this could be stickied, I'd gladly appreciate it.)

This thread is for any particular convention reports, or pictures that YOU yourself took. This includes any photo galleries or video coverage from Megacon 2015!

Please note there is a separate thread for requesting photos people took of YOU at the convention, if you have any inquiries related to that, please be sure to post in the other thread, located here:

[URL=""]MegaCon 2015: Did You Take My Picture? Thread[/URL]

Thank you! c:

(Thanks to NiGHTmaren for the awesome thread organization from last year that I am stealing. :3)

#2 jrosson on 4 years ago

I was there all three days and managed to get a few shots. I posted them at:

[url] MegaCon Orlando[/url]

Hope everyone had a great time! If anyone will be going to Comic Con in July, let me know if you want some photos, as I will be there again!


#3 Veerah on 4 years ago

Pictures we took from all three days can be found [URL=""]here[/URL]. Let me know if I messed something up and they aren't viewable!

#4 cabridges on 4 years ago

I was there Friday and Saturday, had a blast, ran into some friends, and took a lot of pics. You can find 'em here, and PLEASE feel free to tag yourself if you're in there.

Friday: [url][/url]

Saturday: [url][/url]

Also been posting some of them at [url][/url] and at [url][/url] .

Many thanks to everyone who let me stop them and point a camera their way. There was some amazing stuff out there.

#5 BlaineWhiteWolf on 4 years ago

Me and my Fiance are searching for the anime sushi cosplay contest video so that we can post it on our facebook to show. But I have searched facebook, and the only one that shows is the universal one.

So If anyone has it please let me know where i can find it.

#6 ShinWHO on 4 years ago

My first time visiting MegaCon! Really hot there, but here's a short cosplay video I produced from it:

#7 DTJAAAAM on 4 years ago

Finally have time to start uploading my sets. Most of Friday is up right now, will have the full weekend done in hopefully a few days:



All photos from Friday through Sunday are now online!