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#1 La_Estampida on 5 years ago

I'm new and wanted to leave a photo to give me your opinion because that helps them grow
I am writing to apologize for my translator handling English is not so good .







#2 youta on 5 years ago

"I'm new"... to this site ;)

You are very good... [URL=""]but you knew that already[/URL]. [URL=""]Impressive post[/URL], maybe a bit overdone for my taste, but works thematically.

A D90... shows it's not just about the equipment...

Good job!

#3 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Some pretty good use of gels and colored lights. Overall good shooting and lighting, though your Flickr set is a bit inconsistent - sometimes your lighting technique is great, sometimes it's missing.

When artificially adding light sources, such as the sonic screwdriver, be careful that your digitally added lights match all the details in the photo. For instance, if the sonic screwdriver is so bright as to light up the coat and blow out details on the fingers, it should also make a very noticeable catchlight in the eyes.

2) Don't be afraid to put your rim/kicker/edge light far behind the subject, just out of the edge of the frame. I think this would have helped the Spiderman shot a lot. You used this technique [URL=""]HERE[/URL] and [URL=""]HERE[/URL], I think the Spiderman shot would have benefited a lot from it.

Careful with overprocessing skin and losing texture, detail, believability. Also careful with overprocessing eyes and making them not believable.