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#1 Eilonwy on 4 years ago

I'm not sure if anyone checks this page, but it's going to be my first year at Dragon Con and I'd love to hear what your favorite things are about this con.

Maybe see you there!

#2 Padmik on 4 years ago

I think The RPF forums are more active about Dragoncon than here for some reason. But hello and awesome~!

Personally, I like meetups, panels, and seeing the guests. I'm planning to bring a bunch of DC costumes and hopefully Rey and BB8 next year for the DC and Star Wars meetups so we'll see!

It's such a huge convention though. You'll truly find something you really like doing here. There's a lot to do!

#3 ne0ven0m on 4 years ago

^ I agree. RPF is more active, but their thread on DragonCon is almost exclusively about planning a meetup. For the OP, if you want a more active forum that's pretty much all about DragonCon, including advice/feedback/news, go to The DragonCon Forums dot org.

My favorite thing about DC is that it can be a 100 different cons rolled into one, and a unique experience for everyone that goes. This will be my 9th year now, and I've been to several other cons-- not one of them is quite like DC.

- The truly 24 hour party vibe is unique. I've walked around at 3am only to see a very lively (possibly wasted) crowd still having a blast on the hotel floors. Likewise, you could see a group still heavily involved in a board game down in the gaming area.
- Such a diverse crowd in terms of fandoms! You have a mixing of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, comics, and everything in between. I especially love the in between stuff because it brings out creative costumes.
- Random fun moments can happen at any time. I've witnessed an impromptu dance off involving a guy in a Yoshi costume. I've eaten in the food court sitting right next to Draco Malfoy. And this past year, I saw a group of war boys look on as their leader Immortan Joe made a rousing speech from the balcony.
- It will be whatever you make of it. I've had long time going friends that have never seen a single panel. There are those who only go to meet the celebrity guests. Others have strictly gone there for group photoshoots. Some just want to drink and people watch.

It may be overwhelming the first few hours or day, but you will love it by the end! I got giddy just posting this reply and thinking about the past feels I've already had.

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