Baby in cosplay

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#1 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

what do you think about my title?:angel::angel::angel:

#2 megers67 on 5 years ago

Title for the thread? Because I don't like clicking on a thread getting something completely unrelated to the thread title, that's for sure.

#3 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

i mean,, what do you think about baby in cosplay???
i want my baby love the cosplay art, she is 1 year old next month...
what i found this on wallao website.
what do you think?? thats baby in cosplay or baby in hallaween?

#4 megers67 on 5 years ago

In that case, you should have simply said so. The original post was far too vague to know what you actually were asking.

As far as babies in cosplay, honestly I don't think too many people have a problem especially since kids GENERALLY love dressing up though a 1 year old really isn't going to really care much at this stage. That said, if it is obvious that the baby is uncomfortable or doesn't want to be in that costume, it wouldn't be right to force them into that costume. Also, as a one year old, she is likely still in diapers so you need to take that into account and be able to access that quickly without hassle.

#5 Alushia on 5 years ago

If you cosplay yourself, definitely go for a matching cosplay! Family sets are really cute : >

#6 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

family set??

ya it'll be very cute..

i already buy this costume for my child from wallao.. but theres no family costume set there..

#7 Keildra on 5 years ago

If you're talking about taking a toddler to a con, where you'll be in costume for 8+ hours, remember to bring a bib or cover up for when you eat. Even then you might want to bring spare clothes, as a mom I know toddlers can get really dirty, really fast lol.

#8 Keildra on 5 years ago

Another thing to think about, when you get the costume, is child safety hazards. Thinks like drawstrings round, or anything that has to be tied around the neck. Buttons that aren't thoroughly sewn on or zipper pulls that you child could put in their mouth.

Since your buying from a large company that mostly deals in children's items you shouldn't have to worry, Wallao is most certainly CPSIA compliant. If you were to commission a costume, or make one yourself, make sure you, and the person making it, understand where hazards can come from. The last thing you want is your toddler swallowing a button.

#9 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

thx for your advice, i really miss it

#10 zxzx on 5 years ago

I think that is a cute idea. I think a baby tuxedo mask would be super cute. Sailor moon Tuxedo mask and baby tuxedo mask!

This outfit would be perfect for little babies: [url][/url]

#11 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

sailor moon tuxedo?
thats anime?

#12 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

heii loook...
thats a competition on wallao website to get $500.
and there's sailor costume thats so cute for the baby

#13 Magyarita on 4 years ago

Most people find babies in cosplay cute.

Just make sure the baby is comfortable in the cosplay (not too itchy, too cold, or too hot) and that the costume doesn't have child safety hazards in it.

#14 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

Ya, you're right Magyarita.
I had check the material and review from other customer of wallao.
and the costume is safe for the children

#15 samwillow39 on 4 years ago

hi,,, for this year maybe i'll make my son as popeye,
thats the sailor uniform from wallao close enough?