Looking for bahamut references

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#1 ultimatemarker on 5 years ago


Looking for bahamut play arts variant references as well as a cheap place to purchase this bad boy so I can REALLY reference him first hand.

ATM I'm looking at AmiAmi who's selling him for about 18,000 Y + shipping but if there's a cheaper place you know of please inform me, cause I rather use more money on the costume than the figure.


#2 KittyAngel on 5 years ago

Just curious, but which Final Fantasy series is this one from? If I remember right, I think I saw one Bahamut in FFVII (not Advent Children, but the one before it) and the other from FFX.

Those are the only 2 I can think of at the moment.

#3 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

Yea which FF is this specific one from..I'm actually pretty sure there is one of these for every game..And I think all of them are different..The one in VII is actually not even the same one in the movie..So yea..lol A LOT..If we can dwindle down the specific game this one is from it should help..

Since there is obviously a statue for it, I assume the original is a Play Arts or Play Arts Kai statue by Square-Enix. You can try looking for one of those..But like the AmiAmi one, it's gonna be EXPENSIVE!!..I think the FFX one use to be like $150-200 or something..So don't expect to find one of the version you are wanting for less than that..Most people that buy these will not resell them, so there's a good chance you'll never find it that way..

Anyway getting that game number will be the closest thing we can do for now.

#4 uzuki54 on 5 years ago

Hmm, are you sure that's Bahamut? It doesn't resemble any of the main Final fantasy games' Bahamut. The closest I can find is 10's but


There are obvious differences. Did a quick search on Bahamut in Square Enix's video games but found nothing resembling that image.

Edit: Found something. Apparently it's a newish Play Arts figure. Found an article about it dated about April of this year. No mention of if this version of Bahamut is connected to any game, or will be.

#5 MayoKetchup on 5 years ago

It's a variant.

If you google "Bahamut variant" it shows up. There's a couple of good photos :o

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