Supernatural Lucifer design help?

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#1 Creative Genius on 5 years ago

I'm designing myself a Fem! Lucifer to go with my sister as Fem!Castiel.
Castiel was easy since he has iconic things that are easily transferred into womens clothing.

Input on Castiel would also be apprciated but...I have a bigger concern

Lucifer is a little harder since His design is so simple to begin with. I've basically put him in more form fitting pants and a scoop neck t under the denim over shirt. long shaggy dirty blonde hair and those marks around his eyes with dark circles around his eyes.

Also, I'm giving him tattered black wings with feathers falling off, to show he ..well..she at this point is more fallen then Castiel with his black wings.

Can anyone give me any input to make him look ...better? or do you think it's pretty good as is? I'm just trying to make this design the best it can be.... without adding anything actually tied to the occult and giving me bad joo joo with demons and crap >_>

#2 Creative Genius on 5 years ago

no input? not even to say could add this? or change this?...or even don't change it at all?

#3 NaughtsApproach on 5 years ago

i...i...i like them :3