Steampunk weapon I make :(

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#1 Mr.Irish on 5 years ago

Ok I know I failed at this Steampunk weapon I'm making but anyone wants to give me more info on what to put it? I kinda don't like unfinished things.. I know it looks like carp :D All I know is to have a Leather with weathering.




#2 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

Looks good to me. I can't really tell what it is. But did you intentionally make the end short. I made 2 shoebox guitars before with metal sticks from my bedbunk. That can help if you want it longer.

I liek y:sulk:ur feet.

#3 Mr.Irish on 5 years ago

I'm using PVC pipe. and Some Pink Styrofoam I had laying around. some random parts, since I don't have any old clocks/Etc.