MegaCon Universal Costume Contest

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#1 Emmalouwho2 on 6 years ago

I'm finishing up my first big costume and I'm looking to enter it this year! I'm getting excited for it. Last year I went and while my group was in line for another panel after it in the same room, I peeked inside. I'm trying to figure out what reference pictures I need to bring or in progress.

This is the one run by 501st Legion, not the Anime Sushi btw. I emailed them and they said no pictures but I plan to bring some just in case. I watched the Heroes of Cosplay on MegaCon too, haha. Crazy to see people supposedly pull together (not saying they didn't, those costumes in no time at all. I've got 1200+ hours in mine and it's not done yet. xD

What can I expect from a contest like theirs? I know you sign up at the 501st Legion booth but is that on Saturday or Friday? Any idea what the form is like? What about the hallway judging, do they do that or just the walk-ons for the stage?
Also in my costume I can talk but my face is hidden and it ruins the effect... I've thought about having my sister speak for me and come onstage with me but if they'll want me to speak then I'd feel a lot more confident speaking myself since I'm trained in it and know everything about my costume versus my sister who knows nothing about it. Will I need to speak on stage? I can't hold a microphone. lol. I know Heroes probably screwed with the entire thing a bit but still.

Any past participants (recent especially) that could answer my questions would be amazing. I'm feeling kind of off about the whole talking thing, I really don't want to ruin the effect but I do want to speak for myself.

Thank you so much in advance. :)

#2 figment1986 on 6 years ago

from my friend's experience (she might have lied but who knows) all judging is on stage unlike the anime contest. So you fill out the form with your info (best to keep it on the forum since they have thrown out extra papers) and judge you for the brief time on stage. costumes can be anything... here is my album of last years participants.

While i like it and all... I like the ones who do pre-judging giving more freedom to the individual on stage. I could be wrong or have been lied to. Hope someone who did participate can fill in the missing blanks.

#3 Emmalouwho2 on 6 years ago

Thanks so much for the link!

#4 dogwitch on 6 years ago

yeah hopeful it wont be limited to 100 people like last year. do to tv show being film