Kingdom Hearts II Remake!

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#1 Kayla Marie C on 5 years ago

Their Facebook page posted about the release of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 to be scheduled for 2014. Apparently it's going to include the Final Mix version that was only available in Japan before! Birth bySleep Final Mixwill also be included with the game!

I'm really excited for it due to the fact that I loooove the 1.5 version. Opinions?

#2 UNIT0918 on 5 years ago

I've been wanting Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix ever since I read up on PS2 version and the insane amount of new content in it. Can't wait to finally play it and challenge every single Organization XIII member. Plus Limit Form.

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep HD is nice too since I still think it has the best gameplay in the series. (Best story obviously goes to Kingdom Hearts I.)