Brilliant Idea For Elsa Corset

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#1 Elsa_Rapunzel on 5 years ago

I'm thinking, how about doing DoxieQueen1's technique by adhering small white rectangles of fabric all over your corset, and spongeing on shades of blue paint and glitter ( ) PLUS adding icy-looking "sequins" on top by doing what Marina Tinker did by cutting out rectangles out of plastic water bottles and applying on top of the corset!

I'm really excited to start making it! Thoughts??

#2 Satine on 5 years ago

Do it! Elsa's bodice is magically made so there are no stitches or anything to go by on the bodice anyway :) I'm (hopefully) using the same stuff sequins are made from to cut my own :) At least that's what I'm assuming it is in the same way mylar "ribbon" with cut out circles is actually the offcuts of sequin making...

#3 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 5 years ago

You can also get iridescent plastic clear sheet a arts stores as well to add to the plastic packaging. ;)

You might want to paint the paper before you cut and glue it down to give a more broken up look.

#4 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

Yeah I bought a package of those A4 transparencies that people use for those old-style projectors and binder covers, just experimenting with paint finishes in case they give a cuter result than my sequins...