Megacan 2015 skits/contest

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#1 BlaineWhiteWolf on 6 years ago

Does anyone know how long they will allow you to perform a dance? I've already sent a email but have not received a reply. And I sent it a month or so ago.
We are still learning, and plan on performing the dance one way or another at megacon, but we are hoping to do it in the contest.

Any information is appreciated.

#2 NiGHTmaren on 6 years ago

I believe there's a 60-second limit - Megacon's anime costume contest is focused on craftsmanship, not performance. There is also the Universal contest, but I think that too is craftsmanship based.

#3 MissLumetta on 6 years ago

I can confirm that both are just craftmanship contests. Metrocon has a skit contest that they call the "cosplay contest". Florida Anime Experiance and Supercon have skit contests too (both are called "cosplay contest" but i've seen lots of people get confused at that name so I just call it a skit contest)

#4 BlaineWhiteWolf on 6 years ago

Alright, thanks

#5 BlaineWhiteWolf on 6 years ago

Thanks ^^

Hopefully we'll still perform there, it just won't be during the contest