Sailor Scout Accessories

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#1 bunny-hun on 6 years ago

I'm planning on doing Sailor Mercury again and am looking into doing the basic sailor fuku this time around. The last tiara I had was very nice...but my forehead reacted to the metal and I had a line of green I had to scrub off at night when I took it off.

Currently debating between three different sellers.

[url][/url] from seller CatziasCollectibles

[url][/url] from seller WindoftheStars

and lastly [url][/url] from seller UniqueCosplayProps.

Debating on option two and three because they have groups of accessories, so tiara, gem, and collar/earrings.

Can anyone help me out?

#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Wait, I'm "basic fuku" are you talking about the school one, or the scouts' outfits? Both are still basically sailor fukus....So..

Anyway, on the headband, honestly I'd just make it..You can easily make this out of craft foam or even vinyl without spending near that much..
If you are dead set on buying though, I would look at their feedback before even considering them, which you should do anywhere..the last one seems the best as far as getting the most out of it, but if you are doing the normal scout version (as in before they become super sailors, like the first 2 seasons really) then you don't want the hearts, because the ear rings and broches were domes (save for Sailor Moon who had a heart locket instead).

#3 Sui Kune on 6 years ago

I use tiaras from Catzia's, and I love them. There's felt on the inside of the tiara, so only the very outer edges touch your skin. I just really love the full metal look to them, that you just can't get with other materials and metallic paints.

However, UniqueCosplayProps I'd recommend too! Photos really don't do their accessories justice in terms of quality and durability, and I have seen their tiaras in person as well, so they're a great option if you're allergic to metal.

#4 konekoanni on 6 years ago

Seconding Catzia's for the tiara, my group uses hers and they're great, very lightweight and easy to bend to the shape of your face for comfort. I have also gotten stuff from UniqueCosplayProps (Neptune's earrings and choker charm) and they are nicely done as well. However, I would make sure you get the "large" bow brooch if you buy from UniqueCosplay--the "normal" size is actually quite small!