Newbie Photographer here! Please critique!

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#1 devilindistress on 3 years ago

Hi all! I've been doing cosplay photography for almost a year now and I would like to keep improving my skills. I hope you can take time to critique these photos I have taken. Thank you so much! :)

Shadow Stalker (Warframe): [url][/url]

Kotori Minami (Love Live!): [url][/url]

Eli Ayase (Love Live!): [url][/url]

Luke Megurine (Vocaloid): [url][/url]

Tewi Inaba (Touhou): [url][/url]

#2 Av4rice on 3 years ago

The compositions look alright to me.

I'm viewing on an uncalibrated screen right now and this might be an intentional style thing, but IMO your white balance is shifted noticeably towards green. That can be less flattering for skin tones. I would bump that back towards purple instead, and your backgrounds should still retain their natural greenness.

In some shots it looks like you might have sharper focus on other parts of the costume than the eyes/face. In portraiture you usually want to prioritize focus on the nearest eye; use single-point autofocus that you can manually select and focus/recompose before shooting if needed. Or if you're already doing that, maybe try shooting some angled test grids or a ruler to see if you have a backfocus or frontfocus issue with your autofocus system.

#3 DanArt on 3 years ago

Kinda hard to view but I will review what I saw or can see right now. These images do not have really have to be so big to review.

Eli Ayase could have had more interesting affect with the right lighting. You could have take advantage of the super amount of light and added some light to the subject from the front. Based off the lighting source.

Kotori uniform basically takes over the entire shot. Making it more colorful, would greatly improve it. Again could be my display as I am using a laptop.

Shadow Stalker looks out of place in day light, but I like the gear.

Luka lying on the ground is meh. She even have a hmmm look on her face. Attention could have been brought to the eyes and she could have looked more glowy. Background could be changed to an urban or gym/field environment.