Painting pvc pipe

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#1 Celestrina on 1 year ago

#2 walkerofdarknes on 1 year ago

Sure. I've used several Krylon paints, and even a couple of non-Krylon sprays. For the scythe base this year, I had 2 sets of 1/2" PVC pipes that I sprayed a semi-gloss metallic black (this wasn't a Krylon paint). It took me maybe 3 hours and....6 or so light coats to get it to the way I wanted it. Shoot, I used a couple of my cans of Krylon paints from last year as test paints on my PVC sheet and it came out beautiful even without priming.

Now I have to admit that it will still get the usual chips/scratches you get from any con-use, but that's the normal sort of wear and tear. But if you want to do any field repairs, you can always take a can with you.