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#1 walkerofdarknes on 2 years ago

After taking a few days of mental relaxing (IE, non-cosplay actions) to refresh myself, I find that I need to start considering my next year's cosplays. Doubly so given the (high) likelihood that I'll end up losing time SOMEWHERE due to Life Happening (read: Shit happens). To help things, I'll include footnotes and links at the bottom of the post.

So what are my options?

First off, I do need to do work on my older costumes: my Shiroe (1) and Archer (2) need improvements. The third one, Gundam Cherudim (3), is completely trashed and unusable, requiring complete rebuild. The Arthas costume I had intended still outside my skillset. I just don't have the artistic skills for it (and might not ever get said things). And I would like to have a costume that might REALLY have a chance at winning a contest next time (I'm pretty sure I can't re-use costumes for the same cons year after year). So where does that leave me?

Right now, I'm thinking I might do an "interpretive" costume: adjusting how something is already done. I could see 2 readily presentable options for that. First off, I could take my Archer cosplay and merge it into my Gundam. The paint schemes would be carried over, but I'd have to figure out the weapons involved. Swords are nice, but there would have to be a gun or launcher of some kind. The second option would be to take this year's Stein (12) costume and run it out to the maximum of "experimentation": have the hair replaced with wires, maybe make a mask like I had turned myself into a cyborg/robot, do something to give myself a "robotic" arm. Something like that. I haven't figured out what the essential elements would be for either costume, so I'd have to do some thinking. I could also do a "genderbend" costume, though truthfully, I'm not sure there are any female characters I'd want to we'll put that at a third. A very distant third. Maybe fourth.

Option 2 would be to do something new. And for that, I've got a few ideas:
1. A robot build: I understand the robot builds better than doing sewing projects, even though they're a tad harder and require a helper to be present at the cons. If I had to do one, I suppose the Lancelot from Code Geass (4) talks to me right now, but I could also do Gundam Rebake Gusion (5) or an Aestivalis from Martian Successor Nadesico (6).
2. A general armor build: I think I have enough understanding to do something like that. At least as long as they're not as detail heavy as The Lich King. I could do something from Starcraft 2 (7,8), or a more classical medieval armor (which might be interpretive, like Superman or Aquaman in knight's armor). There's also a couple of manga references I could try.
3. A fairly simple build with a single trick to it. I can think of 2, maybe 3 options that would fit into this. [LIST=1]
[*]First off is Wolfwood (9); a character from one anime that carried a HUGE cross around, while wearing a simple suit and sunglasses. The cross is "metal" and hollow, carrying a half dozen pistols, a machine gun and a rocket launcher; they open depending on how the controls are used. The pro are the overall simple design for everything but the prop. The prop (in this case the cross carried) would open and close, requiring several motors/actuators and a power supply. The con to this option is I've never done any sort of robotics/motor work like that, so I can't be sure about the weight.
[/LIST] [LIST=2]
[*]Secondly is Lelouch from Code Geass (10), a modified suit with overcloak and a mask that has a single opening over the left side. The size of the cosplay would be easier to manage, but I'm not sure it's more a "winner" (because I think the local judges look for nearly flawless executions). And it would be mostly a sewing project, and that's my weakest skillset so far.
[/LIST] [LIST=3]
[*]Lastly is...Miyamoto Usagi (11): a killer rabbit from a comic book. Actually a rabbit samurai from a world where animals are humans (think Kung Fu Panda, but this predates that). The biggest concern for the last one would be to have to learn how to make an effects-grade mask (including molding my head) and whatnot.
So that's my dilemma, anyone got any thoughts or possible suggestions? I'm more inclined to armor building than I am for a sewing project, but I'll take all opinions at this stage in the development.

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#2 Scunosi on 2 years ago

If you want something "competition-worthy" I would play to your strengths rather than starting out on a new skillset. So I wouldn't recommend Wolfwood because without an awesome fully-operational cross you'd just be some plain-looking guy. Usagi's kind of similar in that you'd need the rabbit parts to be really good and that can involve a lot of sewing (depending on what method you use) plus a semi-authentic Japanese outfit you'd also have to sew so you may not want to do him either.

I think a robot or armor build would be best if that's what you're most familiar with. If you're not comfortable attempting Lich King Arthas remember he's got plenty of Heroes of the Storm skins that may be more your speed, like his [URL=""]Crown Prince[/URL] "human" skin. Otherwise there's plenty of other Warcraft armor sets that are cool but not as crazy detailed as the Lich King, or like you said other knights or Starcraft guys.

Maybe the ideal build would be a robot with one or two robotic/mechanical features? That way you could get your feet wet for later projects but not have to rely solely on making something really elaborate.