Desperate! Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth Wig

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#1 raiskream on 2 years ago

I have been searching and searching to no avail! I am looking for a wig for the corset version of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

Photos: [URL=""]ONE[/URL], [URL=""]TWO[/URL], [URL=""]THREE[/URL]

Here are some cosplayers that have successfully styled a wig to be like this: [URL=""]ONE[/URL], [URL=""]TWO[/URL], [URL=""]THREE[/URL]

I am looking for any and all tips or suggestions on wigs I can purchase or style to look like this. I've already butchered one wig trying to style it (though it was a $10 Ebay wig), so any videos, tutorials, or tips of your own are much appreciated.

I am thinking of purchasing an Epic Cosplay Wigs wig (maybe the [URL=""]Selene [/URL]or [URL=""]Chronos[/URL]) and then styling it but I have no idea which to by or where to even begin in the styling department. I really don't want to waste any more money so I only want to do this if I know how to style it before buying. I would much prefer to buy an already styled or closely styled wig. The Chronos would work, but I'd have to cut it to be the right length and I don't think I can add the layers back in if I tried. The Selene seems to have bangs too short to restyle into side bangs.

I have found [URL=""]this Rockstar Wigs unit[/URL] that is pretty close and appeals to me, but it's a bit out of my price range (hoping to stay under $40) and it also only comes in a really shiny black or a light brown and I am needing it to be dark brown. I've also found [URL=""]this [/URL]one, but it seems thin/sparse and is not layered.

Seriously, literally ANY help is much, much appreciated!

#2 Scunosi on 2 years ago

Of what you've already looked at I think the Chronos would work fine. Her hair's not actually that long so trimming it a bit wouldn't put you in any danger of losing volume I don't think. Plus it just looks like it's a bit layered/fluffed at the bottom so I don't know if you'd even need to trim anything, just use it for styling?

If you aren't getting anywhere with Elizabeth though you could always try looking up stuff for [URL=""]Max[/URL] from Life is Strange, they've got incredibly similar hairstyles and since LiS is a more recent game you may have better luck.

#3 raiskream on 2 years ago