Hero Academia @ AWA2018?

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#1 ChosenOfKagami on 7 months ago

I saw so many cool MHA/BNHA cosplayers at Momocon this year, and was wondering how many I'd get to see at AWA next!!

I'm going as Todoroki Shouto for sure, but I've also just gotten materials for Ms. Joke & Utsushimi Camie!
I'd also like to do Shishikura Seiji, but we'll see if time and money allows for that one. If I'm gonna be him, I really wanna go all out with the gross fleshy props and all that.
Overall I think it'd just be really cool to see some more Shiketsu students!

Who else is gonna be cosplaying from this series? And as what character? I can't wait to see everyone there!

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