Help finding a pattern for this jacket? (Invisible Detective Akira)

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#1 Chaletica on 1 year ago

Hey! Planning to cosplay Akira from Invisible Detective Akira (because I just love obscure old so-bad-it's-good stuff x3) and having some trouble finding a good pattern for the jacket. Now, I'm not sure I'll find a perfect match and I'm prepared to likely have to alter the pattern a bit, and I have done some simple pattern changes before so this won't be too much of a problem, but of course, the closer I can get to the original the better! So... anyone know anything that could work?


#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

Maybe this cut to length and a waist band added

Adjust the lower collar to be bigger, add cuffs, add fitted bottom band


Top only, adjust collar to be bigger, add cuffs

The red stripes could easily be done in the same bias tape as the rest of the jacket, simply top stitched onto the flat front pieces.

#3 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

Look for vintage patterns. There are some features on that coat that aren't, mm, "normal" even for 1970s or 1980s fashions, but that's anime. I would suggest starting with a vintage pattern that has the boxy shape and wide lapels and make tweaks to it.

There are lots of people all over the internet selling vintage but don't be taken in, never pay more than $20 for even a rare vintage pattern. There's also an archive at [url][/url] but I haven't dug deep into it lately to see if there are coat patterns. Search for men's coats, and the features you want the most are the basic body shape and the lapels. Lapels in coats are hard so having a pattern is crucial. If the pattern's collar is still too small for your liking, sizing it up is pretty easy so long as you have the basic shape from the pattern.

I actually keep a small library of vintage men's suit patterns and unisex turtlenecks and pants for situations like this. Some of them are even older than I am!

#4 Chaletica on 1 year ago

Thanks for the tips, I'll keep looking around for patterns to consider altering and also do some research on vintage jacket patterns to see if there's something that looks even better...