Miraculous Ladybug! Katsucon 2018

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#1 DeliciousDylan on 1 year ago

Greetings, Miraculous Fans! This is an unofficial photoshoot that I'm trying to request, so we can be official. Until further ado, we are still unofficial so please stay tuned!

Created for Katsucon 2018

Location: (TBA, possibly Gazebo)
Time:(TBA, possibly Friday evening)
EVENT PAGE: [url]https://www.facebook.com/events/280138872488633/[/url]

For connections and access purposes, please use these hashtags:
#KatsuconMiraculous #MiraculousKatsucon #Chatsucon #Chatsucon2018

Greetings Miraculous Fans! I am greatly honored to be your host for the Katsucon 2018 Miraculous Photoshoot. Although I haven't submitted an official request, I will certainly do so as we approach closer to Katsucon. This Photoshoot is for all characters related to the Miraculous Ladybug series. Here are the basic rules:

1. All Miraculous characters/designs are welcome, fan-made characters and aus included!
2. Please respect everyone at all times, as well as our surroundings!
3. COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT! Thank you! Although we will have requests for pairings, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH others without their consent or inappropriately!
4. Lastly, let's all have fun and enjoy! RAWR!

More info will be posted as we approach Katsucon, so please stay tuned for updates! Thank you!