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#1 MothMask on 1 year ago

Hullo! I joined this site back in 2011, and I've visited off and on over the years. With Katsucon 2018 looming on the near horizon, I'm coming back once again!

I'm a trans guy situated in Northern Virginia. I adore cartoons, and I'm planning to incorporate my walker into my cosplays next week. As far as cosplay itself goes, I'm a rank amateur, but I can sew simple things, and I've been known to throw together decent outfits out of thrift store clothes.

Here's to a creative 2018! :drink:

#2 andycosplay on 1 year ago

I just returned too.

#3 GiggleSnort on 1 year ago

I'm a returning member as well Welcome back

#4 Asmaria on 1 year ago

Hey there, I came back this week as well! :) Thrift store cosplay is so fun, my friend and I have found a coat just like what we needed besides needing cuffs sewn to the sleeves. You can do neat stuff like cutting trim off the bottom of the coat to shorten it, then sew that piece somewhere else (for belts or cuffs!).

What cosplays do you have planned?

#5 Revy91 on 9 months ago

#6 gordonspeaker on 8 months ago

Welcome back, my friend.

#7 Sammie on 6 months ago

Welcome back!! It can be fun throwing together items from the drift store to make costumes. I done it with a few costumes.

#8 Splay on 6 months ago

Welcome back. I hope all goes well for you in your journeys. I as well have just started coming back.