steampunk poison ivy

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#1 sandra03 on 2 years ago

Hi all. planning to do steampunk Poison Ivy for a con in May. my PIC is doing steampunk Catwoman.
I decided to go with more muted greens, so I ordered this corset (I know it's a cheap crummy quality one but I'm trying to keep the budget low, and the cheap crummy ebay ones have worked well for me in the past)

Right now I'm struggling to decide what style of skirt I want, what kind of fabric, what colour, and finding a good pattern or tutorial. I am thinking a high-low skirt hitched up in the front, maybe with a ruffled hem? but I can't find a good tut, everything I've found that is similar looks too burlesque-ish and not steampunk enough. I can't decide if i should do a bustle or not, right now I'm leaning towards not but then I see some nice ones that look easy to make... I can't picture it all together though. Any suggestions, links to tutorials or patterns or even skirts for purchase would be awesome. I did eventually find one pattern I could settle for but the pattern itself costs as much as just buying a skirt, so i'm hesitating on it since it's just ok. if i were like "yaasssss this is the one!" then i would be ok with spending the extra money but.. meh.

accessories-wise I'm making an antique-looking poison sprayer with a bubbler, hopefully some form of gasmask if I can settle on a style I like, and I'm debating if a mini tophat and goggles would be too much or if I should do one or the other. I'm going wigless, I'm going to dye my hair orange-red and curl it. I have a quarter shaved style, I think it will punk up the look nicely.

#2 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

I love the corset, the pattern is perfect for Poison Ivy. As for the skirt, I made the blue drape or apron skirt for my summer elsa. It's just simple rectangles. I'm not sure if this is look you're going for. [url][/url]

With Steampunk the accessories and details help make it. I'm currently working on a Steampunk pioneer woman. Good luck.