Please suggest for my purchases

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#1 Rahzel on 2 years ago

I finallyyy acquired 2 wig I wanted for years now ; one is pinkish (a beautiful sorta purpleish shade) for Mikoto and Luka Megurine, the other is blonde for Nunnally and a closet Hagu Hanamoto. I am trying to justify my purchases so could you suggest other characters please and thanks sincerely ♡

#2 Midnight Dawn on 2 years ago

Two things.

First, can you post a picture of the wigs.

Second, what kind of characters do you gravitate best towards?

#3 BritAurora on 2 years ago

What midnight dawn said

But off the top off my head. For a pink wig my mind immediately goes to rose quartz from Steven universe or princess bubblegum from adventure time.

Have you conscidered displaying Luka's other outfits? It's a great way to get your uses worth out of a wig