Looking for 1 more roomie for Sakuracon.

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#1 Jei-Cos on 11 months ago

Hey, I have a room at Sakuracon and we need one more person. It's at the Renaissance Hotel, from Thursday - Sunday.
The cost will be $119 for your share (total cost divided by the number of people, which is 5).
A few things you should know. There are alreay 4 of us, meaning the beds are likely already taken. One is taken for sure, and the other, you'd have to talk to the others about. But expect to have to use the floor, and be pleasantly surprised if one of them doesn't mind you using the bed. If you're a drinker please do not come into the room wasted. We have fragile items that we'd like to keep in one piece. And since pot is legal now, if you do that, please don't come in reeking of pot. We don't like the smell of it. Also be cool with crossplay.

We will be getting to the hotel around 2pm-ish, but will be out the majority of the day as I have things I need to do at the convention center. We can message on facebook after we know you are staying, so you can let me know when you're there, and I'll have someone go help you into the room 2 of the other roomies are part of the stuff I have to do at the con center, so I have to send one of them to help you into the room.

Anyway that should be it. Any questions feel free to comment or message me.

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