FGO Hans Christian Andersen Wig suggestions

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#1 Umbamabumba on 2 years ago

I am cosplaying Hans Christian Andersen from Fate Grand Order,but I am having some trouble picking out a wig for this particular cosplay. Any suggestions for what to use for this cosplay would be greatly appreciated. However, I have a relatively large head, around 24 inches so any wigs from China probably wouldn't fit as I hear that they run relatively small.
Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

#2 DlGlT on 2 years ago




#3 Umbamabumba on 2 years ago

Thank you the help,I was thinking of the Apollo myself at first, but I wasn't sure if that wig would of been proper for this cosplay. After, much consideration I decided to go with the Apollo wig. However when searching through the colors of the Apollo wig, I came across two colors that are similiar to Han's hair color,and I am not sure which one is closer.
Here are the colors that I came across.
Baby Blue:
Light Blue:
Unfortunately, I can't get a hair sample of both colors since epic is currently out of stock of the Light Blue sample to see a real life comparison of the colors. I think that the light blue Apollo is closer myself, but it looks like Epic used darker lighting in their photos for the Light Blue Apollo wig so it's hard to tell what the actual color looks like.
Any help with this manner would be greatly appreciated.

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