The Crunch of the Times

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#1 FBOS on 2 years ago

Now, that I have the money to finally make something new, I am actually feeling, for the first time in my cosplay career and in FOUR YEARS, what other cosplayers talk about, complain about, and freak out about. ANXIETY! I have been wearing the SAME THING for FOUR YEARS! Like, how crappy I feel that I have been unable to make something new like most cosplayers do after every convention. Can't lie when I say I've actually stopped watching some cosplayers because I got so tired of hearing people making something new after every convention and I get asked what I'm doing and I just say what I did the year before. Oy.

I have always been excited for conventions, furry, horror, and comicon, but when I actually have the chance to make something new for the convention and even pieces of said new thing that I had vouched not to make, but people pushed me to, I am feeling the pressure. I need an escape from my escape so I don't lose my mind before my GRAND ESCAPEH, where I can debute my escape results!

Does that make sense? Like, seriously, I've forgotten doctor's appointments, rescheduled my hair appointment because I feel so pressed for time, I need to have it later in my week before the convention. I'm getting irritated and ancy about doing anything that is not building my costume because it takes time away from me making progress with it.

Like, my goodness, I am rather surprised I am letting this hit me this hard. I'm trying to take it easy, however. I know my temperament well and I don't handle the stress well, so I'm trying to take breaks, call it quits before I get so tired I rage quit, since I work late in to the evening and at night when I might exhaust myself before bed, mentally and emotionally with my craft. I'm trying not to rush my costume, so it comes out looking nice and pretty for it's debut. Keep telling myself to be tedious in some aspects, so I don't have to come back and rebuild the same parts, later, because I rushed them. Be tedious, now and thank myself later because I can still use the same parts I built months before.

Anyone else feeling the crunch of the times?

My next comicon is in my home town of Kansas City, Missouri and it's Planet Comicon. After that, the next month, it is Flower City Comicon. If nothing changes, I will be bringing my costume to that one too. It will be my second away-from-home-comicon and it is WAAAAY bigger! Woot for big! More stuff to look at!