Hetalia Photoshoot/ Gathering

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#1 BeatTheRudie on 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I've come here to ask if anyone would be interested in a hetalia photoshoot/gathering at Otakon? I at least want to get 20/30 people as that they would definitly be there! If i can get that I will submit it to ashentrees Unoffical photo shoot thread! If you could message me on here or Tumblr as to whether you would like to or not, I would really appreciate it!

Tumblr: @chinaichooseyou
Twitter: @RudieBeat

Thank you all!

#2 BeatTheRudie on 2 years ago

Hey guys! Even if you arent cosplaying Hetalia but would go to the shoot that would be awesome. If you know someone who is cosplaying Hetalia redirect them to me!:thumbsup:

#3 BeatTheRudie on 2 years ago


There is all the info for the photo shoot! Any and all changes will be posted there and all the platforms i have listed!:crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh::crylaugh:

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