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#1 Celestraea on 2 years ago

How long does badge pick up typically take for pre-reg, roughly the same time, Friday versus Thursday? e.g. 12pm Thursday vs 11am Friday.

Debating making the 2 hour round trip for Thursday @[email protected]

#2 Jei-Cos on 2 years ago

Umm..You have like 2 different things in one question..Are you asking how long you will be waiting in line? Or what time is opens? Because it looks like you melded the 2 questions..

It opens thursday at noon, friday at 6am
If you want to know how long you will be waiting in line, that depends on the specific line you're in (each line goes to a specific registration staff member who could be a veteran and fast, or their first year and very slow), as well as what time you show up. If your there at 6 and at the start of the line, you'll be waiting maybe 10 minutes tops, but if you're there when the lines have hundreds of people in them, you'll be waiting for hours.

The main thing is, do you care if you miss any events on friday? If you have events early in the day you want to attend, then you should get your badge either as early as possible, or on thursday. That's why I get mine on Thursday for every con. It means I NEVER have to miss anything, because I'm not wasting convention time in line trying to get my badge.

#3 CS3 on 1 year ago

When I go for badge pickup on Thursday I never waited more than 15 minutes. I think I was there between 3-5pm coming from the airport.

#4 ~oceansz on 1 year ago

I always pick up my badge on Thursday, and the wait time is pretty all over the place. I came over after work last year, probably around 6 or 7pm and the wait was 45 min-1 hour if I recall.

I recommend early afternoon on Thursday, if you can :) Those of us that live in Seattle and can't take a day off for Thursday will likely be coming to pick up after work. Hence why the wait around rush hour (5-7pm) might be longer.

[edit] Oops, didn't realize this is from last year.

#5 Scunosi on 1 year ago

While it is an old post it's still applicable to this year, and every year honestly. I don't usually take the day before off so I've always gone to get badges after work Thursday, and the wait then is usually over an hour so you'll want to bring something to do or friends to wait in line with. I still prefer that to potentially missing stuff Friday morning though. But if you can go earlier in the day Thursday I'd definitely recommend it, though I'm not sure when "Day 0" stuff usually goes on. I would think that's mostly late afternoon into the evening since otherwise there'd be hardly any people around to hang out with.

#6 BaBunki on 1 year ago

Badge pickup on Thursday, March 29, 2018 will be from noon to 9 pm. Badge pickup on Friday, March 30, 2018 begins at 6 am. It is located on the third (3rd) floor of the Conference Center. This building is [U]not[/U] the Washington State Convention Center. The correct building is located north, across Pike Street, from the Washington State Convention Center.