Attack on Titan - full 3 Dimensional Maneuver Gear (3DMG) replica

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#1 Garuda1 on 2 years ago

In southern France we have the "TGS" which stands for Toulouse Game Show. They hold a convention the 22nd and 23rd of April, and I'll be there for the two days... wearing the famous 3DMG from Attack on Titan.


For those who are not aware what I'm talking about (what planet are you from?):

In SnK (Attack on Titan) we've got humans fighting giants, with their only weak point being the nape of their necks. A device (the 3DMG) was invented, which allows the user to fire hooks and kinda fly around. I did the maths, it can work, but no more than a few seconds so it's only semi realistic and my replica will respect that. The 3DMG comes in 4 parts:

- A full body harness to wear the whole gear. Boi is that part hardcore to make.
- Thigh mounted scabbards to hold 4 blades + compressed gas bottles
- Waist mounted main unit comprised of coils and hook shooters + core parts (engines)
- Controller units (sword handles) with different triggers to operate the device

The device is powered by compressed gas.

I'm pretty far. I started by making the scabbards only to realise they weren't accurate enough and started over from zero. I haven't completed them yet.

The harness is done. I bought it from Amazon and heavily modified it. The controller units are done, and the main unit is almost done, leaving me with the details, hook shooters, and blades. (the gas bottles are already made).

Of course, I'm proud of my project. I took lots of pics. I'd like to see some of you guys at the TGS!

(by the way: some pics were taken with my phone: I do not master my actual camera yet so sometimes the pics are out of focus. I'm sorry. Also, please by kind, it's my first cosplay ever.)


[U]Reference pictures:[/U]
1. [URL=""]Drawings[/URL]
2. [URL=""]Amazingly detailed reference drawings[/URL]
3. [URL=""]Useful stuff[/URL]
Note: I also used a Levi figurine as a model.

1. [URL=""]Part of the outfit[/URL]
2. [URL=""]Attaching the scabbard straps[/URL]
3. [URL=""]Attaching the scabbard straps (2)[/URL]
4. [URL=""]Attaching the scabbard straps (3)[/URL]

[U]Main unit[/U]
1. [URL=""]Core part[/URL]
2. [URL=""]How the coils are made[/URL]
3. [URL=""]Outer coil plate[/URL]
4. [URL=""]Left coil (details)[/URL]
5. [URL=""]Core part + left coil attached[/URL]
6. [URL=""]Core part + left coil attached (2)[/URL]
7. [URL=""]Attaching the core part to the harness[/URL]

1. [URL=""]Paint prototype[/URL]
2. [URL=""]Part prototype[/URL]
3. [URL=""]Holding the right controller[/URL]
4. [URL=""]Right controller (Mk1 - Inner face)[/URL]
5. [URL=""]Right controller (Mk1 - Outer face)[/URL]
6. [URL=""]Both controllers (Right: Mk1 - Left: Mk2 - Inner faces)[/URL]
7. [URL=""]Both controllers (Right: Mk1 - Left: Mk2 - Outer faces)[/URL]

Note: The Mk2 (left) controller isn't done yet. Just like the garbage tubing.

1. [URL=""]3D model I made showing what the Mk2 will look like (except for the front face)[/URL]
2. [URL=""]Scabbards (Mk1)[/URL]
3. [URL=""]Scabbard (Mk1 - right - With thigh straps)[/URL]
4. [URL=""]Scabbard (Mk1 - right - showing the rail mechanism)[/URL]
5. [URL=""]Scabbard (Mk1 - left - showing the temporary tubing)[/URL]
6. [URL=""]Scabbards (Mk2 - looks like nothing atm)[/URL]


That's it for the wall of pics. I've been working every single day since the 23rd of November. I finally found a hobby I like (OK, I'm 17, I have plenty of time to find hobbies) and I fully enjoy every second of it (except for the frustrating parts).

Probably better than anyone on this planet I know how frustrating it is to not be able to follow a detailed 3DMG documentation. That's why I'm sharing with you all my hard work: all the pics and 3D models I made. Pluis some reference pics from the Deviantart user bl4ckr41nb0w.


If you have any question, feel free to ask. I welcome every critic as long as it is constructive and can allow me to improve my project (i.e. yell or praise me or my work, I don't care aunless you provide a constructive argumentation)

#2 Garuda1 on 2 years ago

And bois, here it is:

Scabbard (Mk1 & Mk2):

Full set:

Back unit: