Meet Up at MetroCon

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#1 lacky29 on 2 years ago

:wave: Hi, everyone the names Lacky29 here girl gamer anime/manga lover. i'm new to cosplay and if anyone who is attending the MetroCon in Tampa would like to meet me and hangout or possible become friends would be cool. Still new here in Tampa and don't really have any friends so this would be great for me and also for you.

#2 Catters on 2 years ago

What days did you plan on going?

#3 lacky29 on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=Catters;5033631]What days did you plan on going?[/QUOTE]

I will be there through the whole thing 21-24 :toothy:

#4 Catters on 2 years ago

PM me if you wanna meet up I'm going going to be with my fiance. I already have a list of panels I want to see.