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#1 ViolentNight on 3 years ago

I've been around here for a bit and in the past few years my career has taken a very drastic turn into photography - which is a great thing. It used to be only a hobby of mine.

This change has also pushed me into to doing portraits as my sister now believes me to be her family photographer, amongst landscape (what I did for a while for me personally), and product (what I do for a living)

What I would like to get into is cosplay photos. One thing I LOVE about this community is all of the talent that is hidden here.
Where could I post - besides here - to book some cosplay photo sessions. I've looked for a few facebook groups in my area (DFW) but I'm trying to find more places to post. :square:

Any tips?

#2 Scunosi on 3 years ago

I don't know what or where DFW is but besides FB you should also read up on when any local cons are and see if they have forums. Not all cons will, especially smaller ones, but if they do make sure to post in there advertising yourself. If it's allowed of course, some forums don't allow the sale of services in them.

If the cons don't have forums or even if they do still check FB for an official or fan-run con or cosplay page associated with the event, and post there as well.

Also make sure you're not limiting yourself to too small an area with cons or FB groups. I'm near Seattle, but if I was a photographer I'd even post in groups that are for all of Washington or even the whole Pacific NW as you never know who's going to be in the area or willing to travel.

I know a lot of people are using Instagram these days but I'm not familiar with the platform myself so I'm not sure if you can really use it well to advertise yourself. Once you get some good shots though I think you could post them there to show people examples of your portfolio.

#3 ViolentNight on 3 years ago

Ah thank you! I figured I was doing what I could.
And just an fyi DFW means Dallas/Fort worth in Texas. It's a pretty big area and the term DFW is used for a lot of surrounding area's as well.

Appreciate the replay! I love this community so much. Everyone is always so helpful and I love looking at all the talented creations people come up with! :D

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