Tokyo Visit - Cosplay Photography

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#1 Hachijuusan on 2 years ago

Dear all!

I will be in tokyo again in second half of october. Exact dates not fixed, due to discussions with colleagues and flight availability.
Is the some event which is a must be there as a photographer?
Actual I will try to attend the TokyoCosplayMeetup, an Event in Yokosuka and the MagFestival next to Nakano Station.

Hopefully I can meet some cosplayer to get in touch with local culture and maybe make some photos.
I saw some studios for cosplayer, which provide shootings. Is there a rentable studio for foreign photographers too? Or are there some special places for shootings? I heared something about wearing cosplay outside a convention / event is not usual.
I want to learn everything about the local scene and culture. Maybe I can introduce you to the scene in vienna, if you will be here.
Cant wait to be there again.

Thank you in advance.