Help with deciding on a Disney cosplay!

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  • Recently I've been obsessing abouttrying to cosplay a Disney character, but I can't decide who I want to make. It doesn't have to be a princess, I'm okay with crossplay and all that.
    I'm short and chubby.

    I was thinking about doing Gogo from Big Hero 6 or Charlotte from Princess and the Frog. But I want to see if I can probably fit somebody else.


  • I absolutely think you should do Gogo from BH6.

  • Don't hate me, but the first thing that came to mind when you described yourself was Phil from Hercules.

  • I second that Lottie would be a great idea! You've got that same style of face and blonde hair suits you just fine. On that note, I think you'd make a super cute Alice or Rapunzel too!

  • Ooohh I just love Disney!! Have you thought about Jane from Tarzan? Lottie would be a great choice too! And if you've seen Disney's Recess, maybe the character Spinelli could fit as well?

  • There would be many cosplay choice for you. Beauty, Cinderella, Aurora and so on.

  • pricess with purple dress

  • Lil Gideon from Gravity Falls. Or Mabel, she's super cute, also from Gravity Falls.

  • you could try Ursula from Little Mermaid

  • I think you could easily pull off Vanellope Von Schweetz from 'Wreck-it-Ralph'. I also think you'd have fun doing Mulan, if you're up for the challenge of creating some Chinese armor. And if you want to do a crossplay, I think Le Fou from Beauty & the Beast would be hilarious! -especially if based on the new live action Josh Gad version. ;)