Prussia Cosplay Questions

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#1 doubledarcy on 2 years ago

Hello everyone! I wanted to cosplay Prussia, but I have no idea where to buy his uniform. I know a lot of people here in the Hetalia forum suggest cosmonde, and I have purchased a Romano cosplay from them a few years ago, but I've recently had a very bad experience with them. It nearly ruined my entire convention experience this time so I'm very hesitant to purchase from them again.

Maybe they just make poorly done Touken Ranbu costumes?

Does anyone else have any other suggestions? From other suggested sites, I've come to realize I'll most likely have to replace the belt and German cross, but I'd like to run into as little customization as possible.

Thank you!

#2 Blood_Sword on 2 years ago

My brother has bought and reviewed a [URL=""]Prussia cosplay[/URL] from CosplaySky and it looks pretty good. He replaced the belt and the cross, just like you plan to do.
I have also gotten a [URL=""]Touken Ranbu costume[/URL] from the same store and been mostly happy with what I got. :) The only thing that didn't match the stock photos on my costume was the armors... but I plan to (re)make those myself anyway.

Could you please tell me through PM about your Cosmonde experience? I've been looking at some of their Touken Ranbu costumes for a long time now (Jiji, Kashuu etc) although I haven't bought from them yet. I'd love to see photos if you've got any, I'd really appreciate it because I don't want to put a lot of money into something that might not be as good as expected.

#3 doubledarcy on 2 years ago

Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep cosplaysky in mind. I'm a pear shaped girl naturally, so the more accurate Prussia pants seem like a bad way to go...Although that might not be the case. Who knows!

Have you heard anyone that had good hetalia/bad hetalia expiriences with cosmonde?

#4 Blood_Sword on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=doubledarcy;5051260]Have you heard anyone that had good hetalia/bad hetalia expiriences with cosmonde?[/QUOTE]
No, sorry.
I have a Swedish friend who bought a Hakuouki cosplay from them and it came out looking like on the site. Not accurate to how genuine hakama are made of course (it was simplified for ease of wearing) but she was happy with it. I sadly don't know anyone who bought a Hetalia cosplay from them personally, mainly because I'm just a casual fan and thus don't follow the fandom in any way. I'd recommend you to take a look at the [URL=""]Hetalia cosplay group[/URL] in Facebook and ask there; it's super active and the people there are kind and helpful. I'm sure there is someone in that group who has bought a Hetalia costume from Cosmonde and will share their experiences. :)

#5 RadiantUnicorn on 2 years ago

Hey:) I also have a suggestion, miccostumes. I've had pretty good experiences with their cosplay outfits, and they usually fit very nicely for me. The quality was also surprisingly good and I've worn cosplays from their site to tons of cons, and so far not a single one has ripped:) For a lot of people on this site it's a hit or miss, but I've had no bad experiences with them yet, hope this helps!!