AnimeNEXT Masquerade is open and all Costumes are welcome!

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#1 dizzylizzy on 3 years ago

Why should you sign up for the AnimeNEXT masquerade?
It's open to all categories of costumes- even original! Sew some more bling onto your Sailor Moon / Steven Universe mash-up and strut across the stage!

Want to see the ‪‎World Cosplay Summit‬ without waiting in line? Masquerade participants get reserved seats with no wait!4

Love awesome prizes? In the past Best in Show has won Brother sewing machines. That's right- machines with an "s", everyone in the group got one! What will the prize be this year? Join and find out!

Get to it, there's only a few days left to sign up! We want to see your amazing costumes!

Submit here!