The "Did You Take My Picture?" thread

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#1 Kokoro Hane on 4 years ago

I know this is rather late, but I find it odd I didn't see a thread like this already. I know the con was small, but it's nice to see how your pictures turned out if someone asked to take one, so...

Ask if somebody took your picture, and if you happened to have taken that person's picture, post it for them ^.^

Okay, so for me, I went as Hajime from Hamatora The Animation on Day 3 (and I didn't see any other Hamatora cosplayers, so I am guessing I was the only one). Not sure? I looked like this; [url][/url]

Okay, if you want to know who took your picture, post away!

#2 BuonoTomato! on 4 years ago

I was helmetless Mituna from Homestuck... :D