Shilo Wallace's vest/waistcoat

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#1 Starfleet on 5 years ago

Long time no post!

Hey everyone. I'm working on updating my Shilo Wallace "21st Century Cure" cosplay and the last piece that's giving me trouble is the vest/waistcoat thing she wears.

[IMG] Wallace/Shilo-2.jpg[/IMG]

Large closeups of the vest:
[URL=" Stuff/21centuryvest.jpg"] Stuff/21centuryvest.jpg[/URL]

[URL=" Stuff/21centuryvest2.jpg"] Stuff/21centuryvest2.jpg[/URL]

[URL=" Stuff/21centuryvest3.jpg"] Stuff/21centuryvest3.jpg[/URL]

I have tried every variation of search terms under the sun, but I'm getting nada. It's either men's waistcoats or women's vests that look nothing like Shilo's. This ([URL=""][/URL]) would be just about perfect....if they still sold it!!!

I could probably modify a pattern, but I've never tried to do that before, and I'm not even sure what pattern I should start with.

Any suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!