Fanime 2014: Did You Take My Picture? Thread

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#1 NiGHTmaren on 6 years ago

This thread is for requesting photos of YOU in costume at Fanime 2014. Be sure to state the character/series/day you wore the costume, and sometimes a specific description will help especially if you were cosplaying as a popular character!

If you want to post photos YOU TOOK at the convention, please refer to the Fanime 2014 : Photos/Con Reports/Videos thread, located here:


Thanks and happy photo hunting! :)

#2 mmmeggg on 6 years ago

Hi, I'm a punk variation of Mikasa from Attack on Titan today with fishnet tights, white ripped up shorts, and a white tank top today, a bunch of people took mine and punk Krista's picture, does anyone have any pictures of us?

#3 kaylerrochelle on 6 years ago

My hubby and I cosplayed Friday 2-7, Saturday 1-7, and Sunday 3-5 +(yes we committed the cardinal sin of repeating our cosplay ) Me and my Aikuro were together for almost every photo we posed for. I would just adore to see any of these photos! Please and thank you!

#4 Lydialulu on 6 years ago

Hi! Would love to know if u took my pic :) I was kenshin (blue kimono with purple scarf vs), elizabeth from kuroshitsuji with a green skirt, and magnet rin kagamine.

#5 mmmeggg on 6 years ago

Alright, so here's my full list. I was:
Punk Mikasa from Attack on Titan on Friday
Yang Xiao Long from RWBY on Saturday
Thief Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2 on Sunday
And I wore a mint colored lolita dress with pink detailing and a white blouse on Monday.

#6 Kell-chan on 6 years ago

Posting for me and my bro:

Friday: [URL=""]November 11[/URL] & [URL=""]Brita[/URL] [Darker Than Black]
Saturday: [URL=""]Ozpin[/URL] [RWBY] & [URL=""]Decus[/URL] [Tales of Symphonia: DotNW]
Sunday: [URL=""]Prince Maximilian & Selvaria Bles[/URL] [Valkyria Chronicles], later Maximilian became Ozpin again because heat.

Thanks for looking!

#7 Black_The_White on 6 years ago

Friday: Malon - Legend of Zelda
Saturday: Alkaid - .Hack//G.U. [I was in a big group of .Hack so if you have any photos of us that'd be awesome]
Sunday: Toph - Avatar: The Last Airbender [The Promise version]
Monday: Toph - Avatar: The Last Airbender [FireNation version]

#8 KiraNightstrike on 6 years ago

On Friday I was dressed as Lucy from elfen lied with a very bright pink wig. And on Saturday I was dressed as Minnie Mouse, I had a puffy dress that was short sleeved and I wore an Minnie head band. I was also at the Disney cosplay gathering and a lot of people took my picture there. And my last day there was Sunday when I was dressed as Rena Ryuguu from higurashi, her white dress, I carried around a model of her cleaver too. So if anyone got my picture in any of these cosplays, preferably the Minnie Mouse one, please let me know. :)

#9 NightingaleRush on 6 years ago

Naoto Shirogane (winter casual w/ sukuna hikona plushie) from Persona 4

Cherche from Fire Emblem Awakening
Yamato Sumeragi from Persona 4 Golden
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
I was mostly hanging out with a Terra and Ventus.

Any pictures of me or my friends would be appreciated. Thanks.

#10 CrasherJae68 on 6 years ago

Hi there, has anybody seen/taken pictures of me and my girlfriend?

Saturday she dressed as 2 Star Uniform Mako from Kill La Kill

And I myself dressed up as The Great Saiyaman from Dragon Ball Z

Here's a pic of us for reference


Sunday we were both part of the Big Katamari Damacy Group

so if there are any pictures of those I'd love to see them :3

#11 dvt on 6 years ago

fri / sat: ACE / LUFFY with funny face ?!

#12 monquin54 on 6 years ago

Hi My Family and i cosplayed on Sunday as Katamari Characters!

We went as The Prince, Miso, Mu, Nickel, Ryu and Fujio

here's an exmaple: [URL=""][/URL]


#13 Tearatone on 6 years ago

Day 1: Scarecrow with a big Sythe
Day 2: Skullkid with a detailed mask
Day 3: Azure Flame Kite with real leather in outfit
Day 4: Scarecrow again

#14 Xeia DeVertrude on 6 years ago

Did anyone take pictures of my Spring Sawsbuck wearing a pink yukata on Saturday and Sunday?

#15 Enkai on 6 years ago

I'm hunting for pictures of my husband and I. We were only in costume Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I was wearing Upgrade Natsuki from Summer Wars, characterized by a white kimono and GIANT yellow wings. My husband was just in an ordinary olive green men's kimono.

Sunday I was dressed as Sailor Neptune from the musicals (aka the crazy shiny version with lots and lots of gold trim). My husband was Ranma from Ranma 1/2.