Question for Photographers About Retouching

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#16 TheWillBox on 5 years ago

That's a neat service to provide. I think if the photographer was strictly doing convention shots/hallway/panel stuff, then they would have a huge volume over 3 days and having someone as a dedicated editor could be nice.

I know there's a bunch of cosplayers that appreciate getting photos retouched, especially if the photographer did not initially remove spots, fray wig hair or other small imperfections. But in order to do proper retouching you'd need a RAW file and I don't think most photographers would release that without charging...

Personally like others said above, in order to keep consistency in my shots I do all the editing and make sure it properly reflects my style of shooting. I'd only use a separate editor if it was a paid gig and I had to give up all the shots once the event was done.