Tales of?

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#1 Dark_Tsubasa on 4 years ago

Anyone cosplaying from Tales of this year?? I'll be around with my Sync the Tempest costume. :)

#2 Ludger03 on 4 years ago

I know this is very late but I was Ludger will kresnik at this past AM.

Im most likely going to cosplay something from tox2 next year. Not sure who tho

#3 miyavilover666 on 4 years ago

I was planning on bring Luke Fon Fabre!

#4 Ludger03 on 4 years ago

[QUOTE=miyavilover666;4941215]I was planning on bring Luke Fon Fabre![/QUOTE]

Nice! Im going as Ludger again. I had to refix a few things but its all good.

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