Christmas Invasion Ten thoughts

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#1 Pirogoeth05 on 5 years ago

Back in 2011 I wore my Christmas Invasion Ten to Dragon*Con. When I was in the parade, it was obvious I was Ten. But around the con, unless I had my sonic out, people thought I was Arthur Dent. I have nothing against Arthur, I just didn't have a towel which was confusing me.

Anyway, today I had the thought that I could knit up a Season 18 scarf and wear it like Ten does while he's rifling through the TARDIS wardrobe. But, right now I'm working on a Season 12 scarf. Do you think it would work and make it say "Doctor" more? Or would it just look like Arthur Dent with Four's scarf?


#2 Kelley on 5 years ago

Haha. I wouldn't worry about it, personally. Do you have any pictures? My first thought would be doing more with hair and makeup if possible. The scarf could work, I agree and I don't think which exact one is too important. The most effective would be if you had a Rose with you (but a bit difficult of you don't have anyone interested already).

But I wouldn't worry too much, just play it off and have fun with it if someone gets it wrong!

#3 Pirogoeth05 on 5 years ago

Good point. A pic might be helpful. [url][/url]

I've bought a new wig since then, which is going to help a lot. But yeah, playing off it would work just as well.