Youmacon 2013 VIDEO/PHOTO Gallery Thread

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#1 Rock nam Lee on 5 years ago

I guess I'll start this off with my record-speed post-con report which you can find right here!!!

Basically, better then last year, much more organized, love the cobo center, great programming, plenty of photoshoot and video put to my memory card. Lots of creative cosplays as well. Give it a read and check the photos!

#2 Lithium Flower on 5 years ago

I was Merida all weekend:

My boyfriend was The Shadow, Sagata Sanshiro, and on Sunday wore a cyberman mask:

While it was easily the most fun we've had a Youmacon, the staff where super disorganized and no one knew what to tell us about our various questions. There wasn't information available online as to the hours to the dealers hall and artist alley and we didn't know the registration was at Cobo until we arrived at the Ren Cen and had to ask a random cosplayer about it. No signs where up. No staff available.

#3 madhattr999 on 5 years ago

Feel free to tag/comment!


#4 Lithium Flower on 5 years ago

Hey guy's I am not really sure where else to post this. [URL=""]Someone lost their anxiety comfort item at Youmacon[/URL]. If anyone knows where it ended up or has it themselves the OP is willing to pay to get it back.

If you could keep an eye out for it, it would be much appreciated.

#5 ParanoidScream on 5 years ago

Here's my album [url][/url]

feel free to tag if it will allow!

#6 darkranger on 5 years ago

Well the uploading of images is far from over but can find pictures my group and I, Lockport Expeditionary Force, took in the albums section here [URL=""][/URL]. Three galleries for Youmacon 2013 are up already and the remaining sixish should be up withing the next five days or so. Feel free to tag yourself or request to have the non facebook compressed image of your cosplay messaged or e-mailed to you.

#7 black13 on 5 years ago

I just uploaded a bunch of random shots from Youmacon 2013, all taken at Wintergarden and Riverwalk.

Friday: [url][/url]

Saturday: [url][/url]

Group shots are usually 1600x1200; just right-click and "view image" to see them full size.

P.S. Thank you for allowing larger images in the galleries now.

#8 gpghosts on 5 years ago

I was the Dread Pirate Roberts The Whole Weekend. Feel free to tag my photos


#9 alexisalexis on 5 years ago

I have pictures from Friday night through Sunday, including the Steins;Gate photoshoot. Please feel free to tag yourself! :)