Assassin's Creed at Fanime 2014

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#1 SuperSchwiizer on 6 years ago

Ready your blades, Assassins! It's time for the Brotherhood to gather at Fanime 2014! After attending a few other West Coast conventions, I have been seriously disappointed at the lack of Assassins I've seen wandering about. In an attempt to remedy that, I'll be running the Assassin's Creed Meetup and Photoshoot!

Day- Saturday, May 24th
Time- 5pm
Location- G2 ([URL=""]map[/URL])
Host- SuperSchwiizer (Alexei)
Facebook Event- [URL=""]Here![/URL]
Fanime Forums Thread- [URL=",19030.0.html"]Here[/URL]

Please comment if you are planning to attend / what cosplay you'll be wearing! I hope to pick a location based on how many people respond / commit to being at the meetup. The Facebook Event will most likely be created within the next week.

Order of Go will be as follows: Group Shot, By Game, By Character, Special Requests. Requests can be posted here, requested on the FB page, or just ask me during the shoot. ALSO if anyone is interested, we'll have a rousing round of Pirate Assassin Shanty Singalongs after the photoshoot.

[U]ATTN:[/U] Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

SuperSchwiizer as Kadar Al-Sayf
thepharaohinleather as Ezio Auditore (ACII outfit)
demetria656 as Malik Al-Sayf
K&KForever as Noble Ezio
Gwydion as Malik Al-Sayf (+1 Altair)
luffy77 as Brotherhood Ezio

#2 SuperSchwiizer on 6 years ago

Update: We now have an official event page on FaceBook! Invite your friends and spread the word!

#3 SuperSchwiizer on 6 years ago

Update 2: This gathering now has official Fanime approval and has a Fanime Forums thread. Link is on the main post; check it out!

#4 SuperSchwiizer on 6 years ago

Update! Final details have been approved and recorded by Fanime, and we now have a location set! Check the original post for the location and a map!

#5 SuperSchwiizer on 6 years ago

We're about a month out from the con now. Who else is getting excited?!

#6 SuperSchwiizer on 6 years ago

We're one week from the con! Gather the brotherhood and prepare for a fantastic time!

#7 Draken-Savage on 6 years ago