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#1 Arc_The_Lad on 3 years ago

Since this board is dead as it is, I'll make a thread we'll forget about in a week, just post any news here that recently happened, talk about it, etc.


Took me by surprise, now Michi can't hog all the DQs to herself.

Also, Cloud is in Super Smash or something like that, I don't play Smash.

Edit - wrong link

#2 TheAnarCHris on 3 years ago


That Nintendo presser was rad though, hella JRPG love, and I already pre-ordered that fancy FE edition.

#3 Quantum9 on 3 years ago

(Long rant incoming - but it's me, so you expected that).

Cloud is in Smash Bros. Cloud. Strife. Is. In. Smash. Bros. It's been a week and I still have trouble processing it. Am I excited? Hell yes. Of of the greatest Final Fantasy protagonists of all time (not THE greatest - Butz, Cecil, and Zidane for life bro!) has become a part of arguably gaming's greatest celebration of not just Nintendo, but video games in general. His moves looks awesome, using his limit breaks as B moves is genius, and Omnislash as a final smash - hell yeah.

That being said, this does create quite the issue, one that can be taken in both a good way and a bad way: the fact that Cloud has appeared in a grand total of four Nintendo titles (Chain of Memories on GBA, Theatrhythm and Theathrhythm Curtain Call on 3DS, and the upcoming Final Fantasy Explorers). Perhaps more than any other Smash character thus far, Cloud is the one synonymous with another company. He's not a Square-Enix character...he's a PlayStation character. And before you reply with "Well, Snake is synonymous with PlayStation!", yes, he did get his start on the MSX in Japan, but most American gamers know him from the NES port, and he returned to Nintendo with Twin Snakes, so yeah, not as much of a stretch. Even less of a stretch are Pac-Man, whose game appeared on the NES soon after release, Sonic, who has been practically a Nintendo character since the death of the Dreamcast, Mega Man, who got his start on Nintendo and is one of the icons of the platform, and Ryu, whose titles frequently appeared on Nintendo platforms until Street Fighter III. Cloud is even more of an odd choice given Smash's over-abundance of anime swordsmen - Link, Shulk, Pit/Dark Pit, and THE ENTIRE FIRE EMBLEM CAST. I would have loved to see a Magic user like Terra, or hell, the Black Mage, who is probably second to Cloud in the realm of recognizable Final Fantasy characters (or more likely second to anyone created by Tetsuya Nomura). But no, Cloud is more mainstream, so he gets the nod, and I'm still excited to play as him.

The good thing that comes of this, I suppose, is that the previously thought rule of entry for Smash characters, which is that they had to have at least been playable in a game on a Nintendo console, is now out the window. The floodgates are open, and now ANYONE, whether they be owned by Nintendo's competition or have never appeared on a Nintendo console at all, is fair game. Banjo-Kazooie? Sure, why not. Scorpion? Get over here! Nathan Drake? Kratos? Marcus Fenix? Master Chief? BRING 'EM ON! In short, this may not be a character people want to be in Smash, but it may lead to more involvement down the road that gets people really excited. Cloud in Smash may or may not be a good thing, but it's important. Sakurai, you wonderful, magical bastard.

[spoiler]I still want Wolf back tho.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Also lol PS All-Stars Battle Royale.[/spoiler]

#4 Quantum9 on 3 years ago

So the first gameplay from the FFVII remake was revealed today and...well, it's an action RPG, looking very similar to Kingdom Hearts or FFXV. Which honestly, I don't see as too much of an issue. As long as they make spellcasting simple and keep the materia system, I'm fine with it.

The other big change is Barret's redesign, as he now looks like Blade and less like Mr. T. Again, I'm fine with it. It's a more modern look, and Barret was one of the more cartoonish characters in the original.

Still, I get the feeling some purists are going to be pissed. Man, I wish this forum was still super active with crazy FFVII fans.

#5 Arc_The_Lad on 3 years ago

My main worry is AI controlled partners, in the original, if I got game over it was because I effed up, but if it's AI, there's a chance it wasn't your fault, and I can't stand that.

That Wedge voice needs to be redone though holy shit man, you don't give the guy muscles then make him sound like Shaggy

#6 Quantum9 on 3 years ago

Now comes another announcement, that FFVII remake will be episodic in nature, which I'm a little miffed about. Apparently each episode will have a physical release, and the game is too big to fix on a single disc.

Which, hopefully, if there is isn't too many episodes and there's a set release pattern, I'm okay with it. Getting through a section of the game just in time for the next one is a worthwhile idea...I just hope the episodes don't cost as much as a full game, though let's be honest, we'd buy them anyway. I think splitting the game up into 3 $20 episodes, one for each of the original disc, is a good enough idea (even if Episode 3 would be quite short)

What I don't want is for them to make one episode and then take forever with the next two. Blizzard and Valve made similar mistakes, and we've finally seen the last episode of Starcraft 2, and well, Valve is taking their sweet-ass time.

#7 Arc_The_Lad on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=Quantum9;5005980]Now comes another announcement, that FFVII remake will be episodic in nature, which I'm a little miffed about. Apparently each episode will have a physical release, and [b]the game is too big to fix on a single disc.[/b][/QUOTE]


Of course I was not expecting an episodic release, not thrilled about it. If one episode is only the intro part that takes place in Midgar and costs 60 bucks, Square can get fucked. The most I'll go is...Episode 1 ends when you cross the ocean to Costa Del Sol, and it costs...30 bucks.

I would rather it be in episodes than get Kingdom Hearts 3'd.

#8 Quantum9 on 3 years ago


...along with a another Fire Emblem character nobody cares about...


#9 TheAnarCHris on 3 years ago

Bayo, new FE lead and Cloud.

More like Smash 4 CHris.

#10 Arc_The_Lad on 3 years ago

*Still no King K. Rool*

It hurts.

#11 Quantum9 on 3 years ago

Eh, I would've rather had Wolf back over Fire Emblem protagonist number 6, but whatever, I'm disappointed in no Snake.


Hideo Kojima's contract with Konami is officially over, and Sony has confirmed their first independent game will be a PS4 exclusive and coming to PC later.

Can't wait for Alloy Cog Dense, a stealth action game starring a gruff, tough as nails assassin named Dense Salamander.*

*Cannot take credit for this joke. Thanks Archelon!

#12 Quantum9 on 3 years ago

New KHIII trailer drops tomorrow!

Hmm...same day as Force Awakens...

...Hmm indeed...